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10 Online Video Predictions for 2010

December 23rd, 2009

370 days ago I wrote 9 Online Video Predictions for 2009 on my personal blog, but this year I felt this was a more appropriate place to unleash the list of online video predictions for 2010.

Based on my analysis all 9 predictions are quite accurate, especially my Hulu one, so I’m feeling confident about some more good calls this time around as well.

1. Advertisers ramp up their spending in the online video space thanks to an influx of quality content that’s “advertiser safe”, and access to deeper analytics which marketers have longed craved for. TubeMogul and VisibleMeasures will continue to do very well in the analytics game.

2. Collaboration services like Market7 get more valuable and useful to traditional video studios with scattered employees and contractors geographically, and really benefit individuals who connect with others to form global production teams through platforms like our partner Spidvid provides.

3. Broadband TV will further grow as more people connect their computers to their TV. Things could really explode if Apple does in fact offer a $30/month subscription for unlimited premium content via iTunes. I still don’t see an explosion for broadband TV until at least 50% of all manufactured TV’s have direct Internet connections, which should be by 2015.

4. Video creators will start learning about how to integrate products into their videos to generate commission revenues, but the big breakout for interactive video e-commerce won’t truly happen until 2011 as the ecosystem further builds itself out. is heading in the right direction in this regard.

5. Live video really takes off as platforms like and get attention from the likes of Ashton Kutcher who do cool new live interactive shows that rival and even exceed TV show’s quality and popularity.

6. Live mobile broadcasting from the average person will take off as apps from Qik and their competitors are now getting approved for the iPhone apps store. It’s nice to see this space get more legit as gaining access to these services no longer require sketchy hacks and jail breaks.

7. At least one of the major online video platforms will bounce out of the market, and at least one will have to change directions like how Joost went from video sharing to more of a white label strategy. Heck maybe Joost will be the company that shuts its doors.

8. Online video creators, actors, directors, and producers start getting movie deals with budgets in the tens of millions.

9. Like it or not pre-roll ads are here to stay as the top online video format for at least the next few years. What we normally see now are TV commercials that are directly transfered online, but I think we will start to see new creatives done such as interactive pre-roll ads which engage viewers right in the video player rather than redirect them to product or promo pages.

10. Small business really jump on board with online video advertising, and look to companies like TurnHere and PopTent to help them with their production efforts.

Can you add #11? In your opinion what is ahead for online video in 2010?